Trusted Calgary-based graphics service provider goes 100% online as Paintly!

When we started offering our services to solopreneurs, side hustlers and small businesses over five years ago, little did we realize what a journey this will evolve into! Initially, we were merely offering graphics design services as addon services to other services that Mopheth Systems Corp., our parent company offered its clients. As always, we listened, acted cautiously as this was not a path we were initially cut out for. Over time, the demand started increasing, it appeared we were doing something right but still we continued offering our design services as additional services and not our main thing.

Eventually, we have developed so much skill set, hired and trained some of the best hands to help us meet client requests. To this end, we thought it was time we made our graphics design services a stand alone studio offering to a lot more people who need our services and can leverage our service heart, skill sets and experience. Therefore, for a while, we have been on the hunt for a platform that will help us automate our service process and improve our customer experience so that we can increase our capacity to service more clients out there. Finally, we found what we are searching for. It even gets better, this platform ensures that we can be clearer with the different design packages that we offer, work remotely in the face of covid-19 and even beyond, help our clients track their projects and communicate with us more effectively, pay online and enjoy intimate support more than ever before.

Welcome to Paintly, your one-stop online studio for delivering quality graphics design that will evoke your brand energy!

Yes, we are based in Calgary but because we have moved operations online, we now serve clients nationwide and will deliver quality job for you quickly without breaking your bank! Patronize us and tell others about us! We will even pay you for referrals that convert.

Thank you for trusting this growing Canadian small business to serve more people, we are excited about what the future holds.

The future is bright!

January 12, 2021